Released September 21, 2021

Trauma can affect us in many ways, but what does it look like to turn that adversity into activism? Today we speak with actress and activist Gabriella Wright as she discusses how her past and the loss of her sister inspired her to lend her voice to help others. She also shares how she thinks how Hollywood portrays mental health and how the next generation is advocating and effecting change.

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S4 E2: Dr. Jerry Law 

Released September 28, 2021

When it comes to interventions, sometimes words like “ambush” and “shame” come to mind. When it comes to a person in recovery, it can make a challenging situation worse. However, Interventionist and Executive Director of The Meadows Dr. Jerry Law says that you start on the right foot toward recovery when you lead with love, caring, and concern.

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S4 E3: Resmaa menakem (Part 1)

Released October 5, 2021

Following the death of George Floyd, racialized trauma was reignited for people of color around the world. While many calls for social justice, others want to know how they can be allies for change. In this special two-part episode, we speak with Meadows Senior Fellow Resmaa Menakem about the effects of racialized trauma and the action steps that are needed for change.

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S4 E4: Resmaa menakem (part 2)

Released October 12, 2021

As more bodies of culture express the importance of their mental health, many are learning more about the effects of racialized trauma. Today we conclude our two-part episode with Meadows Senior Fellow Resmaa Menakem as he explains how this trauma often plays out in society.

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S4 E5: Havi Kang (Part 1)

Released October 19, 2021

One in four women have experienced physical violence by an intimate partner during their lifetime, according to the National Intimate Partner Sexual Violence Survey. In this special two-part episode for Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we speak with Willow House Clinical Director Havi Kang as she shares how domestic abuse not only includes violence but, unfortunately, so much more.  

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Stayed tuned for more Season 4 episodes, including interviews with Resmaa Menakem, Jerry Law, Hamilton Baiden, Victor Brick, and more!


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