Coach Mike Ferullo and Meaghan Langlois on Wellness Recovery

S6 E1: Coach Mike Ferullo and Meaghan Langlois on Wellness Recovery

Released October 6, 2023

In the season six premiere, we speak with Coach Mike Ferullo and Meaghan Langlois of the Boston Bulldog Running Club and Wellness Recovery. Coach Mike provides insight on his approach to integrative wellness while Meaghan shares her story of finding the running club.

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Breanna Mylius and Yvonne Marchese on Ageism

S6 E2: Breanna Mylius and Yvonne Marchese on Ageism

Released October 13, 2023

According to the United Nations, it is estimated that one in two people are ageists. In this episode we talk to Breanna Mylius, Clinical Director of The Meadows (our flagship facility), and Yvonne Marchese, host of the Late Bloomer Living podcast, about the mental health implications and effects of ageism.

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Tina Aggarwal

S6 E3: Tina Aggarwal on Complex Trauma Within Marginalized Communities

Released October 20, 2023

In this episode, we speak with Tina Aggarwal, Director of Outpatient Services at The Meadows-Silicon Valley, about her personal experiences as a complex trauma survivor and how it informs her work with those in marginalized communities. She breaks down how this type of healing works, reminding that it takes time, but transformation is possible.

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Magnus Johnson

S6 E4: Magnus Johnson on Mission 22

Released November 10, 2023

In this special Veterans Day episode, we speak with Magnus Johnson, Founder of Mission 22. He details his military service, the story behind starting his nonprofit, and his thoughts on veteran suicides and mental health issues.

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Mike Gurr

S6 E5: Mike Gurr on Navigating Parenting

Released November 17, 2023

Parenting teenagers with mental health issues can be extremely challenging, but there are professional treatment options like therapy and residential programs that can provide individualized, trauma-informed care to help kids heal. As Executive Director of the Meadows Adolescent Center, Mike Gurr explains the assessments and protocols they use to support teens struggling with anxiety, depression and self-harm. Though the parenting journey has ups and downs, Gurr emphasizes that with the right treatment and family engagement, transformative change is possible.

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Jack Register

S6 E6: Jack Register on Toxic Masculinity

Released December 1, 2023

In this episode, we speak with Jack Register, Clinical Director of the Claudia Black Young Adult Center, about toxic masculinity. He talks us through his experience as a military kid and the transition to being in relationships as an adult. Jack also shares how he helps young men navigate their emotions in his work here at MBH.

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