S2 E1: Dr. Claudia Black

Released February 25, 2020

Today, the story of Dr. Claudia Black, who’s been a pioneer in trauma and substance use treatment for over 40 years. As someone who grew up around addiction, she knows how that environment can affect children. So now as a trainer, speaker, and author, how does she use her own experience to help each unique family find recovery?

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S2 E2: Dr. Claudia Black

Released March 3, 2020

Today, I’m joined again by Dr. Claudia Black, the clinical architect of the Claudia Black Center or CBC in Wickenburg, Arizona. As a pioneer in treating trauma and families, how does she think that young adults and the challenges they face have changed – or not changed – in her four decades in this work?

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S2 E4: Marcus whitney

Released March 17, 2020

As a healthcare entrepreneur and advisor, Marcus Whitney gets to use his own experience with technology and mental health to advance the healthcare field. So what does he think will it take to bring forward-thinking innovation and racial equity to behavioral health?

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S2 E5: Jeff Reid

Released March 24, 2020

In 2007, Jeff Reid left his hometown in Rhode Island to travel halfway across the world and study martial arts in China’s Wudang Mountains. So what did he discover there? And what do those ancient practices offer for people recovering from addiction and mental health issues today?

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S2 E6: Sean Walsh

Released March 31, 2020

When Sean Walsh began his recovery journey in the late 1990s, he could never have imagined where it would take him. So now as he leads Meadows Behavioral Healthcare into the future, how does he hope to change the way we think about addiction, trauma, and mental health… and the relationship those issues have with healthcare?

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S2 E7: Kristin Kirkpatrick

Released April 7, 2020

With all the fad diets and complex studies out there, it can be hard to know what to eat. So how does nutritionist Kristin Kirkpatrick use her Fuel Well program to help those recovering from addiction and mental health issues at the Meadows campus in Wickenburg, AZ? And what can that teach us about how food affects our mood?

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S2 E8: Dave SMith

Released April 14, 2020

When Dave Smith was dealing with his own addiction, the Buddhist principles of meditation and mindfulness helped him build a new life. So, now as a teacher and author, how does he use what he’s learned to help others overcome their trauma and discover emotional intelligence?

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S2 E9: Bryan Nguyen

Released April 21, 2020

In Silicon Valley’s fast-paced tech industry, the drive to achieve often overrides the need for self-care. So as the director of the Meadows outpatient center there, how does Bryan Nguyen help people in his community learn to slow down, take care of themselves and connect with others?

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S2 E10: Nora Snoddy

Released April 28, 2020

As a marketing strategy consultant and mental health advocate, Nora Snoddy believes in using marketing as a force for good. So, how does she help behavioral health organizations educate and connect with the public in a way that breaks down complex issues and fights the stigma that keeps people from seeking help?

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S2 E11: Dr. Cathy Malchiodi

Released May 5, 2020

After experiencing trauma, it can be challenging to start talking about what happened. But one way to overcome that is to find other ways to express yourself. So as an art therapist, how does Dr. Cathy Malchiodi use color, sound, and movement to help people tell their stories and start to heal?

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S2 E12: Dr. Jon Caldwell

Released May 12, 2020

As Chief Medical Officer with The Meadows, Dr. Jon Caldwell knows how easily anxiety can overwhelm us. This is especially true in a time of uncertainty like the COVID-19 pandemic. But instead of running from fear, what if we lean into it? Can confronting the reality of our own powerlessness actually loosen fear’s grip?

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S2 E13: Dr. Peter Levine

Released May 19, 2020

Over the past 45 years, Dr. Peter Levine’s pioneering work in the study of stress and trauma has shaped the way we understand our minds and our bodies. But what drove him to study psychology and medicine in the first place? And what does he think will be the next breakthrough in healing trauma?

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S2 E14: Dr. Peter Levine

Released May 26, 2020

When Dr. Peter Levine began studying trauma in the 1970s, he noticed that humans react to stress differently than every other mammal. So, how did that discovery inspire his best-selling book Waking the Tiger? And what can learning about an animal’s response to trauma teach us about healing the wounds in our own minds?

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