Released February 16, 2021

Jack Canfield found success through a lifetime of listening, something that fueled his work as the co-creator of the best-selling “Chicken Soup For the Soul” book series. His early life was marked by feelings of inferiority and limiting beliefs, but he learned to take responsibility for his life. He’s helping others do the same with his latest book, “The 30-Day Sobriety Solution.”

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S3 E2: Jim Corrington

Released March 2, 2021

Executive Director of Outpatient Services at Meadows Behavioral Healthcare Jim Corrington has 36 years of sobriety, and it’s that personal connection paired with more than three decades of professional experience that make him an expert in the field of addiction and recovery. During graduate school, Corrington wanted to dive deeper into 12-Step terminology and ask, “What is the difference between somebody who gets well and somebody who doesn’t?” Today, his work centers on helping people find unique, tailor-made “recipes” for sobriety, giving them a better chance of reaching their recovery goals.

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S3 E3: Erica Sarr

Released March 16, 2021

Clinical Psychologist Erica Sarr takes a sex-positive approach to her work as Clinical Director at Gentle Path, where she helps men dealing with compulsive and disruptive sexual behaviors. With the continuing commercialization of sex in our culture and the “lurid” connotations attached to it in much of society, Dr. Sarr recognizes the power in opening up the conversation in order to move men with sexual addiction issues — and all of us — toward healthy sexuality.

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S3 E4: Jenni Schaefer

Released March 30, 2021

Eating disorder recovery advocate Jenni Schaefer draws on her personal experience and vast research to help others dealing with one of America’s deadliest mental health disorders. Schaefer knows firsthand the damage eating disorders can do, and she takes a holistic view on these topics, knowing there may be a connection to trauma or other co-occurring conditions. Through her work as an author and speaker, she challenges the very foundations of diagnosis and treatment to help people get the care they deserve.

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S3 E5: Dr. Tian Dayton

Released April 6, 2021

Dr. Tian Dayton is a clinical psychologist focused on the trauma that is stored in our own bodies. Having grown up with an alcoholic father, she learned firsthand. that we tend to mirror and play out the drunken dynamics we observed in childhood. In part one of this two-part episode, Dr. Dayton explains how the practice of psychodrama can help people get to the core of their addictions and trauma.

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S3 E6: Dr. Tian Dayton

Released April 13, 2021

In part two of our conversation with Dr. Tian Dayton, she talks about helping adult children of alcoholics. The assumption used to be that addiction didn’t affect the family, It only affected the addict. We now know that unnamed pain leaves a lasting mark the entire family, and Dr. Dayton seeks to help those affected by addiction unpack their past to create a better future.

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S3 E7: Tori farris

Released April 27, 2021

Tori Farris is a holistic healing specialist who is using expressive arts therapy to unlock and heal brains locked down by trauma. She was profoundly influenced by her study of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness practices. Centered around symbolism, an accepted part of civilization and a natural process of the human brain, Tori connected the dots and found creative practices for clinical work.

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Released May 11, 2021

Neil Strauss is a best-selling author and an award-winning journalist. After telling the stories of countless people living more wild lives and wrestling with their demons, Neil found himself facing his own issues. He has now written about relationships in two separate books. In our conversation, Neil sits down with us to talk about how relationships, sex, and trauma are all connected.

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Released May 25, 2021

Dr. Mel Pohl is a fellow with the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and the former Chief Medical Officer at the Las Vegas Recovery Center. He is now a Senior Medical Consultant for the Pain Recovery Program at The Pointe Malibu. A lifetime of experience has taught him about the true nature of pain, and he is challenging the way the medical industry views and diagnoses pain as he works to finding relief for people with chronic pain without the use of opioids.

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S3 E10: Invia Betjoseph on Addiction & Isolation

Released June 8, 2021

A marriage & family therapist and sex addiction therapist, Dr. Invia Betjoseph is helping people see that addiction thrives in isolation and is fueled by stress, shame & unresolved trauma. Healing takes a paradigm shift and it means allowing ourselves to slow down in the fast-paced world we have created. 

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